A Call To Souls

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A Call To Souls: Words of Our Lord from the way of Divine Love of Sister Josefa Menéndez

A Call to Souls is a selection of some of the most striking words of Our Lord from the Catholic classic The Way of Divine Love. In that book are recorded messages of Jesus to Sister Josefa Menéndez, explaining the mysteries of God’s love for man and the return of divine love which He seeks from souls. Also revealed here is the great opportunity we have of obtaining the salvation of souls who are in grave danger of being lost eternally.

The message of A Call to Souls-like that of The Way of Divine Love- requires nothing extraordinary. Rather, this little book opens one’s eyes to the infinite spiritual possibilities which are hidden in the incidents of each day. Moreover, it shows the immensity of God’s mercy, and how to obtain it for oneself and for others. This is a book that will give wings to the soul, for it encourages a person toward a goal which is worth striving for during the rest of his life!