Coping with a Relative's Addiction

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Coping with a Relative's Addiction: Advice for Handling Addictive Behaviours in Family Situations

A no-nonsense guide for those who are affected by the addiction of a loved one Written for those who are affected by the addiction of a loved one, this book sets out the complex realities of dependency by looking at how addiction can become the whole family s illness. It is a no-nonsense guide to where your responsibilities lie when a partner, parent or child is dependent, detailing the emotional and practical dilemmas these situations can demand. Relatives will find knowledge, understanding, reassurance and practical advice throughout this book, regardless of the stage of addiction or recovery their loved one is at. Through the many years experience of the Northlands Centre, evident in particular in the helpful case studies, this book shows families what they can do in the midst of this confusing and damaging situation. Above all, however, it offers hope: families need, and can achieve, their recovery too.