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Focolare Movement: new movements and communities in the life of the Church

As war reged in 1943, Chiara Lubich and her companions asked themselves if there was an ‘ideal’ that the bombs could not destroy. Their answer was Love, love that creates unity. This love is in Christ abandoned on the Cross. Since then the Focolare movement has spread across the globe, counting over 2 million members and is at the forefront of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. It strives to foster in daily life, in the church and in society Jesus’s prayer “may they all be one”.


Both before and after the Council, the Church witnessed the flourishing of many new movements and communities. Characterised by a striking vitality and varied fruits, and not unlike the religious orders of past ages, these new ’initiatives’ in today’s Church share a passion to evangelise in a world losing interest and hope in the Gospel. Held up by many as the new hope for the Church and criticised by others, the movements never fail to generate interest. This series aims to promote better knowledge and understanding.