M/L Leather Bible Cover - IHS Monogram

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This Catholic Bible Cover features an IHS design printed into the cover and is a great way to keep your Bible in excellent condition in the midst of taking your Bible from place to place. 

Fits Bibles approximately 6" x 8.5"

The machine used to print on these covers uses computer-controlled printheads that slowly move back and forth across each Bible cover, coating the surface with specially-formulated inks designed to bond with the material and immediately begin the curing process. The result is a beautiful graphic devotional image that is bonded into the leather rather than adhered to the top of it. Your Bible graphic will not crack, peel, or separate from the cover, and the only way to damage the image is to damage the cover itself.

These zipper-enclosed Bible covers come with a convenient and soft handle. On the right and left inside covers are sleeves for your Bible to be securely kept inside the cover - or these sleeves, along with a sleeve on the back cover, make perfect pouches for papers, holy cards, and devotional images.