The Priest in Union with Christ

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Here the famous Thomistic theologian Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. expounds upon the specific holiness of the priesthood and the supernatural fruitfulness of the priestly apostolate. Steeped in Sacred Scripture, St. Thomas Aquinas and other traditional sources, the author presents the classic Catholic traditions on the priestly vocation. Today, when many priests and seminarians have been led to believe that they must personally design their own particular priesthood to meet the needs of their flock, this book is of primary importance, to help them re-focus their priesthood on God, on eternal life and on the saving of souls. Any priest or seminarian who reads and digests The Priest In Union With Christ will realize that the priest is not meant to be merely a functionary of the Church or a fulfiller of the desires of his congregation, but rather that he has been called by God to the highest vocation on earth, to great personal sanctity and to a lofty, disciplined ministry to souls - all in union with the Great High Priest Himself, Our Lord Jesus Christ.