Douay-Rheims Bible

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Since 1609 the Douay-Rheims Bible had been the longest standard Catholic text used in public readings as well as for private reflection. And as is known among those familiar with the history of this Bible, it was revised by Bishop Challoner in the eighteenth century to make the reading of it more understandable. 

This attractive and affordable Bible is hard cover bound in imitation leather. It is a reprint of a standard size Douay-Rheims edition based on the 1914 P. J. Kenedy & Sons edition, which was a reissue of the John Murphy Co. edition of 1899. This edition does not have the deluxe features, such as maps, birth and death registers etc, found in other publications of this Bible - this is why it is more economical. However "economical" does not mean "cheap" - solidly and attractively bound, this Bible makes an ideal gift that will last for years to come. 

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