Where the Money Goes...

Holy Cross Bookshop is the charity shop of the Sacred Hearts Trust, a registered charity in the UK. 

All profits go to support works of evangelisation and overseas missions, including orphanages in Africa and Brazil, as well as difficult missions in Kazakhstan, Holy Land and the Philippines.

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Below is a letter received from one of the organisations that benefits from donations made by the Sacred Hearts Trust.

Dear Sir,

With the present letter, I would like to thank you for the help you wish to extend to the Mission in Nigeria of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate and in particular, to the Program “Support at a Distance”, one of our apostolate aside from providing “Meals for the Poor” and taking care of the Lepers in the Camp. This “Support at a Distance” has been in existence since 1992. The first beneficiaries of this Program were 32 children of lepers. The first apostolate that the Bishop of Ijebu-Igbo, Msgr. Farina gave to the Franciscan Sisters in 1991 was to take care of the lepers in the Camp, providing them with moral as well as spiritual help. The children in the Camp were not going to school as they were not accepted in schools being children of lepers even if they were born healthy.  For the society, they were “contagious” for as long as they were with their families. To help them, the Sisters thought of putting them in boarding schools until such time that enough funds from different benefactors would have been raised to build Houses of Charity where they can stay and to keep themselves from being contaminated. Benefactors from Italy replied positively to the “Support at a Distance” Program. We have now extended our Program not only to children of lepers but also to children from poor families, abandoned as well as orphan children. We, the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate manage the money that the benefactors send.  Donations from benefactors are normally sent to the General Administrator and then forwarded to the Mission. We have now helped around 250 children.  Several have already graduated University as well as Technical Skills and are now working and gaining money to support their families. 

Currently, we have 70 children under this program.  We have children from primary school to University.  The girls live in the House of Charity in Sagamu (inaugurated in 2008) in Old Aiyepe Road, Ogun State run by the Sisters while the boys live in the House of Charity in Ijebu-Igbo, in a Diocesan Pastoral Center, Ogun State run with the help of the Friars.  The Houses of Charity, both dedicated to Saint Padre Pio, were built thanks to the donations given for the sole purpose of giving a shelter to these children in dire need of help. Some other children under the Program live with their family while some others live in rented houses near the Universities they are frequenting. We have also opened 2 other Houses of Charity, 1 in Brazil (1995) and 1 in Benin (2014). The Sisters use the money that they receive from the benefactors to pay for the school fees, the uniforms, the fees for the school bus, the books, the medicines, the food provisions, the house rent for those in University as well as other miscellaneous fees.  Aside from providing them with material needs, the Sisters try to inculcate the Catholic Faith.  They prepare the children for Baptism, First Communion as well as Chrism. Knowing that this project would not continue without help from generous people like you, whose help we hope we could still count in the future, I pray that the Immaculate Queen of the Missions would repay you abundantly with every spiritual as well as material blessing.


Respectfully Yours,

Sister Maria Carmela Mussi

General Administrator