The Faith for Beginners

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The Faith for Beginners: Understanding the Creeds 

The Apostles' and Nicene Creeds are prayers most Catholics take for granted. We pray them by rote when we say the rosary or go to Mass—often without thinking about or fully understanding what we're saying.

Providing you with this understanding is what The Faith for Beginners is all about. It's a fascinating romp through the history of the Creeds, closely examining what we believe and why—with references to Scripture, the Church Fathers, and Church councils.

You'll learn about heresies, persecutions, and theological disagreements that forced the Church to more carefully define our beliefs and add them to the Creeds. Here's some of what you'll discover in the pages of The Faith for Beginners:

  • Where the word creed comes from and what it means
  • Why the Catholic Church has a creed while many other religions don't and seem to get along just fine without them
  • Four crucial functions served by the Creed
  • Why the Creed was so vital to the building of the Church
  • Seven common objections to the Creed—and how to answer each on

153 pages