This is the Faith

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This is the Faith - Canon J Ripley

This is the Faith has long been established as a classic introduction to the faith and teaching of the Catholic Church. Now it is reprinted, in the 1973 edition that Canon Ripley himself revised for publication. Fr Francis Ripley worked tirelessly for the conversion of England. Author of many much loved books, This is the Faith is the one for which he is particularly remembered and it stands as a memorial to his lifelong missionary work. Based on a series of twice-weekly talks given many times for non-Catholics under the auspices of the Legion of Mary, the book remains a safe and sure guide for instruction. Francis Ripley was born in 1912 at Windleshaw in Lancashire. After trying his vocation as a Jesuit and as a Capuchin, he entered the archdiocesan seminary at Upholland in 1935 where he took first prize in dogmatic theology for three years in a row. Ordained in 1939, he undertook post-graduate study in moral theology and canon law at the Gregorian University in Rome. After parish work, he served as a chaplain and squadron leader in the Royal Air Force. A frequent speaker for the Catholic Evidence Guild, Francis Ripley joined and eventually became superior of the Catholic Missionary Society in London, preaching the Faith to non-Catholics. Canon Ripley died on January 7, 1998.

Paperback, 328pp