Elisabeth Leseur: Living the Faith through Life's Trials

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Elisabeth Leseur: Living the Faith through Life's Trials - by Jennifer Moorcroft

The life of French mystic Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur was marked by adversity and moments of sorrow. Her husband, Felix, had not only lost his faith but actively sought to destroy hers. Despite these challenges, Elisabeth steadfastly maintained her love for her husband and prayed ardently for him.

Unbeknownst to her husband, Elisabeth secretly documented her spiritual insights within her journals and letters. After her life was tragically cut short by cancer, he discovered and lovingly catalogued the treasure trove of wisdom she had left behind. Influenced by the profound content of her writings, Felix converted and became a priest.

This book not only presents reflections on carefully chosen passages from Elisabeth's letters and journals, but also delves into the extraordinary example of patient and profound love she exhibited throughout life's tribulations. Through these pages, readers have the opportunity to draw inspiration from Elisabeth's life and, much like Felix, undergo a personal journey of transformation and conversion.

    • Paperback: 88 Pages
    • Publisher: Catholic Truth Society
    • ISBN: 9781784697617