Gender Justice

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Gender Justice - By Dr. Charlie O'Donnell FRCP FRCEM FFICM

Sensible, understandable and respectful explanations about Catholic Christian attitudes to Gender Ideology and Gender Non Conformity.

Bishop Hugh Gilbert writes: Gender Justice, a worthy successor to his (Dr Charlie O'Donnell's) earlier work Sexual Justice....... It has been an education and an opportunity to listen to the calm clear voice of faith and reason speaking to an ever-sensitive domain that has fallen victim in recent times to a mysterious level of confusion. There is nothing rabid or unreasonable here and no desire to insult. There is the courage of a believer. There is the wise compassion of a Christian doctor. And the result is an enriching, well-grounded insight into that astonishing action of the divine genius: "male and female he created them."........ May the seed, which this book is, be widely sown!

+Hugh Gilbert OSB
Bishop of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK