Getting Past Perfect

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Getting Past Perfect: How to Find Joy and Grace in the Messiness of Motherhood

With honesty, humour, and practical wisdom, Getting Past Perfect helps mums overcome Pinterest-inspired perfectionism by replacing your deepest fears and anxieties with a steady trust in God and the freedom to love authentically.

If you have ever felt that you were not “enough” as a wife or mum, or if you’re someone who struggles to do it all, Getting Past Perfect offers a realistic and reassuring portrait of Catholic womanhood, placing motherhood in the context of every woman’s primary role as a child of God.

Kate Wicker―journalist, popular speaker, and author of the highly-acclaimed Weightless―shares how she shook off doubt and negative self-perception, finding self-acceptance as a mom and the desire to stop controlling everyone around her. Getting Past Perfect invites you to make this same journey as you learn to embrace the primacy of your role as a daughter of God, even amidst the daily chaos of raising children.

Each chapter is designed to debunk the lies and expectations that mums often face, replacing negative self-perceptions with the truths of a woman’s true calling. Wicker openly shares how she unwittingly transferred her preoccupation with having the perfect body to being the perfect parent. By honestly sharing her mistakes and triumphs in the trenches of motherhood, Wicker reveals several common falsehoods mothers tell themselves in different seasons of their lives and how speaking the truth can liberate women to become better parents and the truest versions of themselves.

  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Author: Kate Wicker