Holy Communion

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Holy Communion: Communion in the Hand; Spiritual Communion and the State of Grace

This book is an enlargement of Bishop Laise's previous work: Communion in the Hand: Documents and History, continuing with a second treatise on spiritual communion and the state of grace.

"The Church in our times has the urgent need of courageous voices in defense of her greatest treasure, which is the mystery of the Eucharist. Often today there arise voices in defense of the many human and temporal needs, but rare are the voices that defend the Eucharistic Jesus. With his book "Communion in the Hand" His Excellency Most Rev. Juan Rodolfo Laise, bishop Emeritus of San Luis (Argentina), has for several years raised his voice in defense of the Eucharistic Lord, showing with convincing argumentation the inconsistency of the modern practice of Communion in the hand from a historical, liturgical and pastoral perspective..." - From the Preface of Bishop Athanasius Schneider An excellent, thoroughly researched and easy to read treatise on the history of the reception of Holy Communion from Apostolic to modern times, showing the liturgical developments and the motives for them, and how the reintroduction of Holy Communion in the hand is not in reality a valid return to the origins, or a practice desired by the Church, but is in fact the result of disobedience, abuse and an infiltration of protestant theology into the Church. This book is an eye-opener and a highly recommended read.