Introduction to the Bible

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Introduction to the Bible: The Nature, History, Authorship and Content of the Holy Bible, with Selections from and Commentaries on the Various Books 

Catholics who feel lost when facing the Bible will find that Introduction to the Bible is an extremely valuable and very thorough orientation to Sacred Scripture. Based upon the traditional teaching of the Church, this book fills a great need for the interested reader by providing a Catholic road-map to God's Inspired Word, including the true meaning of Inspiration, guidelines to understanding the Bible and the Church's role as the Bible's official interpreter. This book also gives an introduction to each of the Bible's 72 books, with well-chosen Scriptural passages from most of the books that render a representative example of what they are like and about.

Using the Douay-Rheims English translation of the Bible, Introduction to the Bible is clear, concise, orthodox and interesting. The background Fr. Laux gives on just the Gospels is alone worth the price of the entire book. Though first published in 1932, this book nevertheless is not dated; the information contained here remains valid, as does, of course, the traditional Catholic teaching it presents. And, unlike many Bible commentators today, Fr. Laux does not attempt to discredit the historical truth of the Scriptures.

St. Jerome said, "A man who is well grounded in the testimonies of the Scripture is the bulwark of the Church," and also, "Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ." Fr. Laux's Introduction to the Bible will go a long way toward giving the reader a true Catholic understanding of God's Holy Word, that is, toward unlocking for him this divinely inspired source of truths about God, man, Christ the Redeemer and His Holy Catholic Church. 

Paperback: 352 pages

Author: Fr. John Laux, M.A.