Kolbe, Saint of the Immaculata

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Kolbe, Saint of the Immaculata - edited Bro. Francis M. Kalvelage, F.I.

A compendium of inspiring articles on Kolbe.
Of all the books in the Marian Saints and Shrines series, this one is the most controversial and thus the most needed in order to do justice to the Saint, whom Pope John Paul II spoke of as "the Saint of our difficult century [twentieth]." Is it true, as reported in a PBS documentary, that the Saint was anti-Semitic? What is the reason behind misrepresenting this great modern day Saint? Is a famous Mariologist right in accusing the Saint of being in error by holding that Mary is the Mediatrix of all Graces? The book has over 35 chapters by over ten authors, giving an in-depth view of one of the greatest Marian Saints of all times.

You will find this book helpful...

  • Understanding that Kolbe is not anti-semitic
  • great apostolic work of this saint to honor Mary
  • In understanding Kolbe's Mariology that forged him to be a great saint
  • To learn Kolbe's example of an authentic priest and missionary
  • and more...

Paperback, 250pp