Mariology Vol.1

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Mariology: Volume 1 - Juniper Carol, OFM

Published in three volumes and constituting one of the very finest works of Marian theology prior to the Second Vatican Council, begun during the Marian Year in 1954.

Volume I deals with the history and sources of Mariology. The unique competence of Fr. Carol, first president of the Mariological Society, as well as the extensive theological background of the contributors guarantee the order and soundness of the selected essays … This volume can be a good refresher-course for the priest-theologian and a newly opened mine of information for the layman. The introductory volume offers treatises on: Mary in the documents of the Magisterium; Mary in the Old Testament; Mary in the New Testament; Mary in Eastern and Western Patristic Thought; Mary in the Liturgy; and many more subjects, heavily footnoted and wonderfully presented.