Mary's Apostolic Mission and ours

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Did Mary also receive an apostolic mission? Tradition supposes so. God wished to make of her the “New Eve,” the Associate of Christ. We would, therefore, also expect her to participate in His apostolic mission. Is this mission identical to that of the other apostles or to that of her Son? It is identical to neither. But, as we shall see, though her mission is a participated one, it is, for many reasons, more similar to that of Jesus than to that of the other apostles.The mission conferred by Christ on His apostles includes, in addition to administering Baptism, the double objective of preaching the doctrine of salvation: “Go, teach all nations,” and practicing the Christian life, “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you!” Mary’s apostolic mission embraces both Christian doctrine and Christian living.

This is a book which peruses the truth of Mary's unique role in apostolic mission, shedding light on the apostolic mission of every baptised Christian. 

Author: Rev. Fr. Emile Neubert SM
Date of Publication: 2011
Publisher: Academy of the Immaculate
ISBN: 9781601140555
Pages: 382pp