Priestly Formation Vol. 2

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Priestly Formation in the Human Virtues: Volume 2 - The Priest as a Man of Temperance

Pius XI said that "all Christian virtues should flourish in the soul of the priest." Unfortunately, modern resources have been few and far between on how those virtues can be put into practice by priests. This is an essential tool for all seminaries, seminarians, and priests.

The Priest as a Man of Temperance is the second volume in this essential series for all seminarians and priests, focusing on how they can detach their hearts from concupiscence, grow in the Spirit, and keep themselves entire and incorrupt for God. Based on the rich teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, this book translates complex Thomistic concepts into a form that is both accessible and practical in the context of pastoral ministry.

This is not a dry theological handbook, but a deeply spiritual aid to form the character of men called to the priesthood. The Priest as a Man of Temperance is rich with spiritual exercises and meditations that will assist seminaries, seminarians, and priests to:

  • identify and develop the virtues related to temperance,
  • recognize and counteract vices contrary to temperance,
  • and grow in personal holiness.

Includes extensive quotations from the Scriptures as well as the works of the Angelic Doctor and St. John Paul II. The Priest as a Man of Temperance utilizes the Church's tradition to the fullest to help seminarians and priests moderate their use of created goods, quiet their passions, and strengthen their desires for what is truly good for the human person.


316 pp