Saints Who Raised the Dead

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Saints Who Raised the Dead: True Stories of 400 Resurrection Miracles - Fr. Albert J Hebert, S.M.

The raising of the dead is a miracle which, astonishing as it is, has been performed hundreds of times since the days of Christ. Our Lord told His Apostles to raise the dead (Matt. 10:8), and over the Christian centuries many Saints have done so-particularly great missionaries like St. Francis Xavier, St. Patrick, St. Vincent Ferrer, St. Hyacinth, and St. Louis Bertrand, but also a multitude of other Saints, including St. John Bosco, St. Philip Neri, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Francis of Paola, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Malachy, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Joan of Arc, St. Rose of Lima, and Blessed Margaret of Castello.

The stories of these resurrection miracles are amazing; they include the raising of persons who had drowned, of persons with mutilated bodies, of persons who had been hanged, and of those whose bodies had already suffered decay, been reduced to skeletons, or been buried for several years. They include young children, unbaptised infants, persons executed for crimes, person raised to testify in criminal cases or to testify to some religious truth, and of persons who would have been condemned to Hell had they not been called back to earth for another chance.

Also included herein are the descriptions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory given by temporarily dead persons (Continued on inside back cover) who had been privileged to see those regions. Moreover, this book gives an analysis of the authenticity of resurrection miracles (Did they really happen? Were the dead persons really dead?) and of the purpose and meaning of miracles, according to the teaching of the Church-plus it describes other bodily wonders of the Catholic Saints, such as levitation, bilocation, total abstinence from natural food and drink, crossing of rivers on a cloak, and miraculous survival in intense heat.

Also included are proofs for the Resurrection of Our Lord, the Catholic doctrine on the resurrection of the body and the Last Judgment (with its final separation of the damned from the elect), and a critique of contemporary "post clinical-death" experiences in the light of Catholic teaching.

This is a book unique in the English-speaking world, for even in Catholic circles these accounts of resurrection miracles have for the most part remained buried in old books, rare and hard to find today. Father Hebert has indeed performed a great service to the Church in unearthing these facts and bringing them to light. Packed with fascinating true stories and solid Catholic doctrine, Saints Who Raised the Dead is a goldmine of information and of inspiration-showing forth the glory of God and His holy Church, and providing a preview of those momentous events which everyone who has ever lived will take part in at the End of the World. "Why should it be thought a thing incredible, that God should raise the dead?" -Acts 26:8