Sexual Justice

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Sexual Justice - By Dr. Charlie O'Donnell FRCP FRCEM FFICM

Sexual Justice is a small book addressing the teaching of Catholic Christianity about same sex attraction. It was written in a modified genre akin to classics like The Introduction to the Devout Life by St Francis de Sales and A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation by St Thomas More. It addresses the sincere enquirer in a personalistic manner. It speaks in friendship to the anonymous person who self identifies as LGB.  

Sexual Justice utilises the “Trojan Horse Methodology” of evangelisation i.e., approaching the person who self labels as LGB in a personal way whilst at the same time using this pedagogy to carry all readers regardless of their sexuality to a realisation that this subject involves “us and not them!” The book communicates the joy of orthodox Christian anthropology using the appeal of the subject matter contained in sexual morality. It has been appraised by Bishop John Keenan for its orthodoxy and pastoral sensitivity. 

Sexual Justice is a counterweight to the crisis of faith. The crisis of faith has meant that religious observance has become less relevant to many people. Anybody involved in the religious education of Catholic adolescents is all too familiar with this; a very common reason for this disengagement is perceived injustices towards our LGB brothers and sisters."