St. Anthony's Treasury 1928

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St. Anthony's Treasury: A Manual of Devotions in Honor of St. Anthony - 1928

Compiled from approved sources. We offer this reprint of the 1928 edition for those who love the old prayers no longer found in newer editions.

“Make him loved!” The inspired command of the illustrious Pontiff was heard not only by his Paduan visitor, but by lovers of St. Anthony everywhere. Desirous of assisting in such a glorious undertaking, the compilers of Saint Anthony’s Treasury have selected a number of beautiful devotions and prayers, gathered from every available source, for this little book. We believe it is indeed a “Treasury,” containing as it does a series of each form of prayer, so that you may find within its covers the particular devotion which will bring you closer to our beloved Saint and Wonder-worker. We are grateful to be able to offer this book. We have never seen anything to compare.


Impr 1928. 367 page book, 3”x 4.5”