St. John Capistran

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St. John Capistran: A Reformer in Battle - John Hofer

St. John of Capistran was many things, a Franciscan, a theologian, a crusader, but ultimately a reformer of the Church, a friend of saints and a man zealous for the salvation of souls. The deep remorse that took possession of him on the day of his conversion never left him and remained the dominant attitude of his mind. This penitential disposition underlay his preaching. Setting aside all reserve, he would make a public confession in the pulpit, thus emulating the penitent Magdalene, his favorite saint. We are not surprised that such an energetic temperamental nature, always ready for action and battle, did not escape reproaches of irascibility and impetuosity. Yet appeals to his sympathy must have been frequent. Capistrano’s history is inextricably bound up with the great figures and world events of the 15th century. Hofer, in this powerful historical biography of the saint, traces his life as a reformer, preacher, and leading a Crusade to stop the Turkish onslaught into Europe.