The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

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Few Catholics indeed have an adequate appreciation of the glory and splendours of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass-the central aspect of our Holy Faith. Therefore, this masterpiece by Fr. Müller, will come as a glorious and surprising revelation to most. Fr. Müller brings together a wealth of Catholic traditions, Biblical facts, and enthralling true stories from Catholic history and the lives of the Saints to show that in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we possess something of infinite value, the only gift we can offer God which is not miserably unworthy of Him and a gift through which we can obtain from God every possible favour. In Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, you will read:

  • Fr. Müller's famous description of the Passion
  • The exorcism of Nicola Aubry through the Blessed Sacrament (including the actual dialogue)
  • Scriptural proofs and prophecies regarding the Mass and Blessed Sacrament
  • Many famous and little known Eucharistic Miracles Fr. Müller explains:
  • How God is honoured more by a single Mass than all other praises
  • How the Mass transfers to us the merits of Christ on Calvary
  • The Seven Miracles that happen at EVERY Mass
  • The striking parallel between Nazareth and the Mass
  • How individual disposition affects the amount of grace we receive at Mass
  • That only the Catholic Church is the true home of Our Saviour
  • That only the Church really has the Holy Spirit of sacrifice
  • That eternity will not be too long for us to regret missing a single Mass The reader of The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will realise that the Mass is an inexhaustible mine of graces, the source of all favours from God and absolutely the thing of greatest value on the entire earth!

Paperback: 599 pages
Author: Fr. Michael Muller, C.SS.R.