The Priest: the Man of God

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The Priest: the Man of God, His Dignity and Duties

Written by St. Joseph Cafasso, a close friend and mentor to St. John Bosco, The Priest the Man of God is a collection of conferences on the identity and mission of the priest; that he is another Christ and a 'sign of contradiction' to the world. In these meditations Cafasso exhorts priests to remember that the dignity of their calling is higher than that of all other callings. Cafasso, though gifted with a great intellect, successfully converted many souls to the Catholic Faith because his own life was conformed to the highest ideals of holiness which he studied from his youth. In these sermons he emphasizes the necessity for priests to strive with all their might to achieve the habits of virtue if they would have any effect on the souls under their care. The Priest the Man of God is a clear outline of the nobility and duties of the priest and a marvelous instruction guide on how priests can realize this dignity and excel in these duties, so that they truly become a light to all men. This book is a wonderful resource for priests, but it also gives the laity a clearer appreciation for the power and singularity of the priestly vocation.


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