The School of Jesus Crucified

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The School of Jesus Crucified: The Lessons of Calvary in Daily Catholic Life - Fr. Ignatius of the Side of Jesus, Passionist

FLOWING from the special charism of the Passionist Order-heartfelt, ardent devotion to the Passion of Our Lord with true contrition for one's sins-this classic helps a person to base his whole spiritual life on the lessons to be learned from the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. The book gives 31 daily Meditations on the Passion, constantly relating these sacred events to our own souls, fostering gratitude to Our Saviour, sorrow for our sins, and love for Jesus. Each day offers a "Fruit," or holy resolution, and an "Example" from the life of a Saint or Servant of God. Then, to continue the "school" of Jesus Crucified, Fr. Ignatius gives devotions to the Five Holy Wounds, visits to a crucifix, Meditations on Mary Queen of Dolors, How to Assist Well at Mass, many instructions and devotions for Confession, devotions before and after Communion, the Stations of the Cross, and the Interior Life Rendered Easy to All Christians. Many Saints have stated that the Crucifix was their most instructive "book." From THE SCHOOL OF JESUS CRUCIFIED the reader will begin to see what they meant. This book is perfect for Lent or Holy Week-or any time. It can be a real life-changer, uniting the reader to the Saviour and to His Cross, which is the path to Heaven.