Therese Neumann

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Therese Neumann: Mystic And Stigmatist (1898-1962) - Adalbert Albert Vogl: Personal memories of a life-time family friend

Therese Neumann was perhaps the most visited stigmatist in the history of the Church. Over the years millions of people saw her briefly in her home or witnessed the passion ecstasies in which she underwent the sufferings of Christ on Fridays, bleeding from the wounds in her hands, feet, head, side and back.

The author, Adalbert Albert Vogl, a German-born friend of the Neumann family through his three priest-uncles, was privileged to be welcomed into the Neumann home on numerous occasions and to spend many hours visiting with Therese, her family members and her spiritual director, Father Naber. He was chosen as an official witness in the informative process leading up to the Cause for Therese Neumann's beatification (one of only two witnesses chosen from North America) and is in contact with the Postulator.

In this book he has set down only things he knows from his own experience or things told him by Therese herself, by Father Naber, or by others who also knew Therese. Therese Neumann, Mystic and Stigmatist is a primary source of information about this famous mystic and presents a wealth of fascinating stories - many found nowhere else - about her miraculous phenomena and daily life.

Mr. Vogl describes Therese's passion ecstasies, her stigmata, her miraculous receptions of Holy Communion, her abstinence from 1926 to 1962 from all food and drink except the Eucharist Host, her living without sleep, her visions and the language phenomenon, her mystical recognition of priests and relics, her recognition of the Holy Eucharist and priestly blessings; her cures and prophecies, and her bilocation and other mystical gifts.

Paperback, 290pp