Thoughts on the Religious Life

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Thoughts of the Religious Life: With an Appendix of Maxims and Counsels of Saints and Spiritual Writers - Edited by Fr. F. X. Lasance. Impr. 1907

Intended primarily for religious, nonetheless, devout persons in the secular life may find instruction and edification in the perusal of this rare and unusual book, not just the Religious as the title implies. The virtues are treated clearly and practically, and in a manner that incites the soul to their exercise. We cherish the hope and pray that this book may fall into the hands of many, and, by the grace of God, be instrumental in rousing some from spiritual torpidity due to the blandishments of the world; in opening their eyes to the grandeur of that enclosed garden of the Lord, where the fairest flowers of virtue - above all, the rose of charity - bloom in unsurpassed abundance and splendor of development; and in attracting them to that school of sanctity, where, as St. Bernard says, “Men lead a purer life, fall into sin less frequently, rise again more easily, walk more cautiously, rest more tranquilly, die more happily, and reap a richer reward for eternity.”


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